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The Jorgobé Philosophy

You don’t need 6 or 10 steps to achieve healthy, glowing skin. But we all know that it takes more than just water and lotion to get there. The Jorgobé precision regimen is simple and effective: 3 daily essentials and 1 weekly booster. Because that’s precisely what your skin needs. Nothing more, nothing less.
All Jorgobé formulations are created from one core principle: offer the highest impact in the most gentle way possible.
This means we only make products that perform and we never compromise our obligation to look after your skin barrier. Trust us to get the exact dose of active ingredients scientifically documented to be effective, tolerable, and safe for your skin. That’s how you achieve skin-friendly, yet powerful results. 
Our skin health products are formulated for all people, and all skin concerns. Made in Denmark and founded in Scandinavian purity, all our products live up to the highest test requirements. It’s premium ingredients that will target your skin issues, not your wallet. Because why not?
In case you are looking to pamper yourself beyond skin health essentials, we got you covered with our Refine products to elevate your look. And we promise you complete transparency between must-have essentials and the icing on top.
Jorgobé – Precision skin health

The Jorgobé precision regimen is simple and effective:

3 daily essentials morning and evening, and 1 weekly booster.

Because that’s precisely what your skin needs.

Nothing more, nothing less.

We say “No Thank You” to

Jorgobé is committed to formulating skincare products that prioritise purity, safety, and environmental responsibility.

As part of this commitment, the brand strictly avoids the use of the following ingredients and additives.

By excluding these ingredients, we ensure that our skincare formulations align with our commitment to clean, ethical, and environmentally conscious practices.

  • Animal-Derived Ingredients
    We are dedicated to being a vegan brand and take pride in our PETA certification, confirming our committed efforts to avoid the use of animal-derived ingredients in our products

  • Phenoxyethanol
    A preservative used in cosmetics and skincare products. While generally considered safe in low concentrations, there are concerns about its potential for skin irritation and environmental impact.

  • Formaldehyde
    A preservative and disinfectant that can cause irritation, allergies, and is potentially carcinogenic.

  • PEG Compounds (Polyethylene Glycol)
    Often used as emulsifiers or thickeners and may be contaminated with toxins during production.

  • Synthetic Colorants
    Some synthetic colorants can cause allergic reactions and irritation.

  • Mineral Oil
    Commonly used as a moisturising ingredient but can lead to clogged pores and skin irritation.

  • Triclosan
    An antimicrobial chemical that can be harmful to the hormonal system and the environment.

  • Parabens
    Frequently used as preservatives and may cause irritation or allergic reactions.

  • Phthalates
    Used to enhance fragrance and consistency and have been linked to hormone disruptions.

  • Titanium Dioxide
    A white pigment in sunscreen and makeup. While generally considered safe, there are concerns about inhaling nanoparticles and potential harm to the marine environment through excessive use.

  • Silicones
    While providing a smooth feel, they can also clog pores and cause the accumulation of dead skin cells. There are also concerns that some silicones may be difficult to break down and potentially harmful to the environment.

  • Nanoparticles
    Small particles with the ability to penetrate the skin and potentially cause harm. There are also concerns about their potential negative impact on the environment.

  • Sulfates
    Used as foaming agents and can be irritating. There are also environmental concerns as it can be slow to degrade and potentially harmful to aquatic environments.

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
    An alcohol that can be drying and irritating.

  • Paraffin
    A moisturising ingredient in skincare products that may clog pores and have potential long-term negative effects, especially for individuals with acne or sensitive skin.

  • Prostaglandin
    A group of lipids that act as signalling molecules in the body. In skincare, synthetic prostaglandin analogues are used to promote hair growth and enhance the length and density of eyelashes. However, there are concerns and potential side effects associated with the use of prostaglandin analogues, including possible irritations and changes in iris colour when applied near the eyes.

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